The GameChanger is a new ride concept introduced by Lagotronics in 2017. It is unique interactive Dark ride concept that requires a very small footprint (10-12m diameter). The transportation system is based on a turntable, with a set number of seats positioned in the different sections on the turntable.

Every 25 to 40 seconds, the disc rotates to the next scene, allowing guests to play a number of Interactive games, providing a great experience and a true storyline.

One section is the station area, to unload/load visitors.

The amount of seats and the amount of sections can vary meeting your requirements getting the right balance for:

– throughput (people per hour)

– total size (to fit in the building)

– total ride time (to provide the optimal experience)

The GameChanger can be ordered as a turnkey project (excluding building works) including screens, theming and game development.


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