Tower Rides

The Flying Wheels is a tower ride that offers four different motions in one ride experience. The tower stands approx. 13.5 m tall and features two sides where three gondolas per-side rotate up and down. The rotation is similar to a Ferris wheel and each gondola can seat four to six guests. The gondolas can be spun by riders similar to a teacup ride and the tower itself also turns slowly around.

The 3-wheel groups wheels have a diameter of 3.45m and are rotated by two electric motors. Every set of three gondolas can swing freely. When the gondola is in the load/unload position the ride the gondolas at the upper arm still rotate and can be spun.

The steel tower can be painted and themed. In addition, the tower top can also feature a custom decoration. All of the control and electrical elements are located within the ride structure and can be easily accessed for maintenance purposes.

Minimal maintenance is required and most of the lubrication is done through a permanently-installed greasing system. The tower offers maintenance access through a ground-level door that leads to a ladder. Staff can access all critical mechanical and electrical parts from inside the tower.

Duck Roundabout

The Duck Roundabout is fun for the whole family! Up to four riders can ride in each vehicle as the underwater guiding rails, connected to a central drive, whirls you around the water. The number of vehicles is customizable according to the size of the water basin. We offer the standard ride with 8, 10 and 12 vehicles. Riders load and unload from the same position on the outer platform.

Rescue Rides

This is an interactive ride where the whole family has to work together as one team.

Rescue/fire trucks are propelled by guests down to the “fire”. Once at the buildings families and friends work together to pump water, fill tanks and keep everyone safe. Then they work together to head back to the starting point. The most fun aspect of the ride is the interactivity, which makes each ride a team experience that is great for all ages.

The ride requires no power and is easy to maintain and to operate.


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