Dry slide

The ‘superslide’ is the classic attraction. It is fun and children like to run up the stairs, slide down and run up the stairs for another run. The standard ‘superslide’ consist of 4 fiberglass slides. Riders use a coconut-fiber mat for sliding. The waves of the slides enhance the feel of speed. At the bottom of the slides, a mat storage container will be positioned where riders can drop off their mat after the ride and new riders can pick up a mat before getting up the stairs.

Semi wet slide

The wave runner gives riders the feeling of wild-water canoeing, however without getting soaked. The riders enter the start platform at a height of 9.5 or 11.7m. After boarding the rubber dinghy, they can race the other riders racing down the wave slide where the dinghy reach an impressive speed when it runs down on top of the a thin water film. At the bottom, the dinghy will be braked when reaching the brake matts. This ride offers family fun and requires a minimum amount of operators.