Infinity Train Coaster

The vehicles of the Infinity Coaster seem to be infinite and are quite spacious. The versatile coaster is available with individual cars per 8 persons as well as with trains holding up to 32 riders. The new tripartite seat concept convinces with its open and high seating positing which offers heaps of space and comfort for the riders. Our newly designed T-lap bars lock hydraulically and can be adjusted step-less. This enables even riders with a body height of only 1.30m to experience the Infinity Coaster. The train concept is designed to manage small radii too! – including floorless coaster feeling! Over the shoulder restraints are available upon request.

The Infinity Coaster is designed to master the endless number of your layout ideas. Thanks to carrying wheels with very big diameter the cars accelerate easily up to velocities of 130km/h (80 mph) and more. The Infinity Coaster is available with chain lift as well as with LSM Launch – or even a combination. The chain lift provides lifts of different slopes. Likewise our 90° lift is drivable for trains composed of maximum 4 rows with 16 persons. A new feature of our lift system is the magnetic, thus silent safety chain dog system which allows to lower the vehicles backwards in case of a loss of power. This ensures a quick, safe and comfortable evacuation of the riders in case of emergency right at the beginning.