The Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter is known for its unique vertical lift, more than vertical drop and smooth ride. The unique selling point of the Euro-Fighter is its vertical lift. Passengers are oriented perpendicular to the ground, facing straight upward into the sky as they are lifted to the summit. At the crest of the lift hill the vehicle faces towards the ground and negotiates the exhilarating first drop, a 95° beyond vertical plunge that sends riders screaming toward the ground.

After this thrilling start the ride continue with a fast thrilling roller coaster ride, with multiple inversions and turns before the car will be gently stopped by the magnetic brakes just before entering the station.

The Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter vehicle seats 8 passengers in 2 rows holding 4 passengers each. The open vehicle has comfortable lap bars or over the shoulder restraints. Gerstlauer has a series of engineered layouts that are made for a base frame, foundations or a combination. Many Euro-Fighters have been custom-designed but we also provide several standard designs even with an LSM launch system.


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