Car Rides

Metallbau Emmeln has a complete collection of powered rail rides for amusement parks. All allow parents and children to drive through whatever themed experience fits your park. All the car rides utilize an electric drive powered by a bus-bar. An open copper bar for both positive and negative feeds is mounted to a guide rail. The set-up allows for optimum power and easy cleaning. The car ride also feature an optical system to prevent vehicles driving into each other.

Some of these different models include:

Antique Cars

Kids head back to twenties of last century and enjoy a classic romp through the countryside.

Safari Jeeps

Watch out for lions and tigers as you head through the savannah on these adventure-seeking trucks. The jeeps can seat either 2 passengers or 4 passengers.


Back on the farm, children are allowed to drive through the fields on standard style or on beautiful replicas of working, modern tractors.

Stone Age Car

Take a drive through a prehistoric era with these cars that offer a Flintstones-like wobble as they go around the track.