Bobsled Coaster

Gerstlauer’s Bobsled roller coaster can be characterized by sharp turns, banking curves, fast transitions, exhilarating drops, and daring camelbacks. The Bobsled roller coaster offers the “feel” and fun of a Wild Mouse with the undeniable thrill of a standard coaster with lots of banking and camel-humps.

The Bobsled Coaster packs a lot in both compact and spread-out layouts. We design a track with many dynamic elements. Before the ride is over, riders will travel at speeds reaching nearly 55 km/h (35 mph) while experiencing many transitions and tight banking turns which create forces of up to 3 G’s! The ride is incredibly smooth and perfect for guests of all ages. With a family-friendly height limit (1 meter, accompanied, 1.2 meter alone) children of all ages can safely enjoy a coaster that is exciting, but not too scary. The cars are designed to negotiate the layout individually. Further enhancing the ride experience, the cars offer a very open design, and can have great custom theming.


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