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Our story

ARC bv was involved in successfully providing attractions to the entertainment industry all over the world. From a record-breaking roller coaster to world-renowned brands to award-winning family attractions. We offer our customers a complete array of products and services; sales, financing/leasing, ride valuation, and licensing for some of the worlds’ leading entertainment brands.

Where we have delivered rides

We have delivered rides in:  Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain / Morocco / Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates / Singapore, Malaysia, Japan / Australia and the United States.


Enjoy the rides – since 1994

Back in 1994 when I started in the Amusement Ride Industry, I instantly became fan of this industry. It was impressive to see the joy that it brought to the people when riding the amusement rides, from young to old, the people who created and build the ride, the endless enthusiasm of the designers, the theming teams, the technicians and customer service people.

I saw the unlimited opportunities that amusement rides bring to the Amusement/Theme Parks and FEC’s. I just wanted to be part of a team that contributes to this great industry.

From the first day, I have enjoyed working in this industry when I was working with Vekoma and Spibox in the early years and today with Gerstlauer, Metallbau Emmeln and Lagotronics Project. Occasionally I also do projects by advising and assisting valued clients when purchasing amusement rides from known ride manufacturers.

I am convinced that ARC can help you in bringing a new successful attraction to your park, so let us team up and let us surprise your guests by opening a new ride at your park.

Coen Nieuwenstein,


The best support – since 1999

Ever since 1982 when I was an exchange student in the Manhattan Beach, California, I love to work in an International Team. I was first introduced to the industry when paying a visit to the Efteling, Kaatsheuvel and later to Disneyland, Anaheim.

At an age of 20, I started my bachelor education at the Eindhoven University of Applied Sciences majoring in Business Communication, while working full-time at the Sales Support Department of an Interior Textile manufacturer with clients all over the world.

In 1999 I started to work in the Amusement Rides Industry. It was fun to see how everybody within the industry is working with a big smile on their faces. Park operators, designers, engineers, visitors are enjoining themselves, I guess that is the energy that the entertainment industry brings to the people.

After Coen started his own company and expansion was needed, I joined him. Our family business was a fact. As an Office Manager I am the engine that keeps the activities at the office in a smooth flow, which enables Coen to fully focus on sales and maintain good relations with customers. After 20 years of combining business and educating 2 wonderful kids, who have now become independent young adults, I am looking forward to intensify and expend my network.

Good communication is the essence of getting the job done. That happens to be my talent; to organize and have a smooth working company so that we can live up to the expectations of our business partners and customers. I guess that is essential in our line of business because we want to make the world go around.

Hugette Swinnen
Office Manager & Co-Owner


IAAPA Expo   –   Orlando, Florida USA 
Trade Show 17  –  20  November 2020 
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DEAL 2021   –   Dubai  /  WTC, UAE 
Trade Show March 2021
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  • Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH
  • Lagotronics Projects BV
IAAPA Expo Asia   –   Macau
Trade Show  June 2021
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IAAPA Expo Europe 2021  –   London, England
Trade Show  September 2021
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