News / Latest Projects

June 2018:
Asian Attractions Expo AAE, Hong Kong, 6-8 June 2018.
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Visit us at:

the Gerstlauer booth no. 1527, Hall 3D 

The Lagotronics booth no. 1323, Hall 3D

April 2017:

Opening ‘Gold Rush’ an Infinity Triple Train at Slagharen 
The Netherlands

April 2016: WildWingsDuinrell
Opening ‘Wild Wings’ at Attractiepark Duinrell. 

Wassenaar, The Netherlands

 July 2015:1507 HPH_SkyFly0a
Opening of the Gerstlauer ‘Sky-Fly 12’ at Holiday Park.

Pfalz, Germany

 June 2015:1506 Kristiansand
Opening of Metallbau Emmeln ‘Hakkebakkeskogen’ People Mover at Dyrepark Kristiansand.

Near Kristiansand, Cardamom Town, Norway

 May 2015:1505.25 BPB
Opening of the Gerstlauer ‘Red Arrows Skyforce’ Sky-Fly 12 at  Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Blackpool, England

 May 2015:1505 SindiPark Eurofighter
Opening of the Gerstlauer ‘Le Serpent’ Eurofighter at SindiPark.

Casablanca, Marocco

 September 2014:1406.01 Skyflyer
Opening of the Gerstlauer ‘Sky-Fly 12’ at  Dreamworld.

Queensland, Australia.

 June 2014: 14.06.01 Longleat Safaripark
Opening of a Metallbau Emmeln ‘Rhino-Lion ride’ at Longleat Safaripark.

Warminster, England.

 April 2014: 1405.17 Paultons Park
Opening of a Bertazzon Venitian Doubledecker Carousel at Paultons Park.

Ower, England.

 November 2013: IMG_2891
Opening ‘The Abyss’ a Eurofighter at Adverture World.

Bibra Lake, Western Australia.

 April 2013:1304.01 Toverland Roundabout
Opening ‘Tolly Molly’ a duck roundabout
at the Magic Valley

At Toverland in Sevenum – The Netherlands

April 2013:PrimePlay Tripsdrill 2
Opening ‘Spielhaus at Tripsdrill
At Erlebnispark Tripsdrill in Cleebronn – Germany.

July 2012:
Opening ‘Gold Rush’ a Shuttle-Family-Coaster
at OK Corral

At the French Riviera in Cuges-Les Pins – France.

April 2012:
Opening ‘Dragon Fly’ Family Rollercoaster at Duinrell
The Netherlands.

July 2011:Flip
Opening Flip the Grasshopper at Holiday Park, Germany.

June 2011:
Opening Van Helsing’s Factory at Movie Park Germany

June 2011:
Opening Vicky the Ride at Plopsa Coo, Belgium

June 2011:
Opening Barnas Brannstasjon (fire station) at Kongeparken, Norway.

May 2011:
Opening ‘John Deere’ Traktorbanen at Hunderfossen, Norway.

March 2011:
Opening Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park, United Kingdom.